Ore Sorting 5/5 (1)

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This script will take all the ore in your containers, refineries and connectors and move it to a container (or containers) called “Raw Ore” (you can change the name of the destination container(s) by changing the constant string at the … Continued

So… What is this “var” thing? 5/5 (3)

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In programmable block scripts you will see a lot of code that declares an object as “var” and assigns something to it. For example: < View plain text > C# var containerInvOwner = (IMyInventoryOwner)containerList[i];       var containerInv = … Continued

Accessing All Blocks in a Grid 5/5 (1)

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Each station or ship is a separate grid. You’ll see a lot of conversation on the Keen forums on how you cannot access, in your program on your programmable block, any blocks that don’t belong to the same grid. What … Continued

Empty Assemblers 4.5/5 (4)

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This script will take all of the raw materials (ingots, wafers, etc) out of the assembler and put them back into cargo containers. This avoids the problem of having items in the assembler and the assembler not being able to … Continued

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