Status Board NAN/5 (20)

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My status board on my base.

From top to bottom, left to right, these are the scripts being used:

Consolidated Refinery Status
Assembler Status (unpublished, still tweaking)
Consolidated Inventory – Improved (showing Raw Ore)
Consolidated Inventory – Improved (showing Refined Ore)
Consolidated Inventory – Improved (showing Components)
Reactor Status
Battery Status
Solar Status


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5 Responses

  1. Sebastian

    Can’t wait for the Assembler Status scripts!

  2. EurypteriD

    This is what i needed.
    I suck at C+ but this is what i wanted to make if i could.

    Strange question…
    Possible to add windows powershell into the game through c+ Just like Computercraft adds thier language (cant remember the name) into Java

  3. stupid question, but where in the control panel of the lcdpanel do you copy the script?

    • You put it in a programmable block and reference the LCD panel at the top of the script.

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